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Custom Order for Shelley Klingbeil

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The back layer of each piece will be cut from 1/4" material and the top two layers will be 1/8" material. I did have to increase the price for these to reflect the added time to create the different silhouette from the picture you provided.

8 inch - $32.00 - Qty 4
12 inch - $49.00 - Qty 2
16 inch - $62.00 - Qty 1

The red lines will be simple single line engrave lines. The blue fill will be a solid engraving. There are three layers total. Back, which will have the clouds, the quote and the eagle. The middle layer is cut out in the second darkest shade of tan color and will have the engrave lines and fill of the shirt design on it and the signature in the lower right hand side. The thirds layer is engraved with the ribbon and the name etc.

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